Coffee...we sorta, really really it

So as you kinda gathered. We love our coffee. We believe coffee is for everyone and that is why our chosen house blend will be tickle everyone's fancy. Either as an espresso to a latte and even goes perfectly with our mocha. 

The Beginning 

The beans take a long journey before they eventually end up in that cup of yours and for ours beans, the journeys start off in 4 different locations. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Rwanda and Sumatra. The flowers which contain the beans are picked and goes through a couple of days rest( it takes a lot to grow up so they deserve the rest), a few other processes before the are packed and sent


The People 

They are a product of direct trade, meaning our Roastary deals directly with the farms and workers ensuring they get a fair price, working conditions are more than suitable and workers are treated right without a middle man. These skilled workers pass it onto the next batch of skilled people in the UK who with finesse and skill turn it into the beans we use.


At this point, its handed over to us to make some magic happened. Our skilled baristas will take the coffee beans and run it through our beautiful La Marzacco espresso machines to get that shot which is then used for whatever you chosen. That shot, called the espresso is the basis of every coffee based drink from the tiny but mighty espresso to the tall lattes and chocolate topped foamed cappuccino. 

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